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How to create an Online success business…

If I told you I could help you to start an Online success business – a thriving business, what would you consider as success?

woman shopping after gaining success in an Online success business

Being able to afford…

A faster car? (higher status)?
A bigger/better house (mansion)?
Buy anything you desire? (holidays, clothes, Jewellery)
Financial ‘freedom’? (more time for yourself and family)
Your business could provide employment for other people?
Lose weight? (have a better/fitter body)?
Be a better golfer – or any sport (time to practise)?
Start a loving relationship (maybe marriage)?
Gain more respect (prove others have been wrong about you)?
Become famous (achieve celebrity status)?
Be the best in what you do (take your talent to the highest level)?
Inspire others to achieve success (be a top coach in a particular field)?
Improve the lives of other people (become a philanthropist)?

Now, what will it take to achieve any (all) of these laudable and worthwhile personal success goals?

Of course the answer is – MONEY!

money gained from an Online success business

The more money you earn the more ‘success’ you can afford.

Such is ‘life’ on Earth at the present time, that we have to earn, beg, borrow, or steal enough bits of paper – or computer digits (we call it money). To exchange to make all these Online success business goals possible.

So, of course, the next question would be; how DO I get enough of these bits of paper, or computer digits, to be successful?

For many people nowadays from the Internet – is the ‘quick and easy’ solution to pile up the digits.

Ah, but is it? For a few totally committed people it is a solution (although NOT an ‘easy’ one). But, for most of us, all the Internet does is take personal financial success even further away.

Are You just dreaming about an Online success business?

man dreaming about an Online success business

Most of us lose far more of the digits in our accounts than we gain, chasing the Internet dream.

So, what’s the answer?

Give up on the Internet dream – and just stick to your day job and make the best of it that you can. This is genuine and sound advice for the majority of people, who are dreamers, rather than doers.

These are the people who quickly reduce their ideas about success, and change their success criteria to…

woman depressed because she failed at an online business

Getting through each day as best I can
Trying to avoid being the victim of a con-man
Putting up with my ill health and stress
Getting used to being overweight with no redress
What do I need more free time for?
I admit, I am apathetic and lazy – down to my core
I’m not a bad golfer really, who needs a coach?
I have no reason for any reproach
Who needs a fast car anyway?
Who cares, about what people say?
Do I want to be a celerity? – No way!
Let others inspire themselves today
I come first. I’ve no one to obey…

…and so on…

Achieve your desired Online success business


IF you are really determined to achieve your desired Online success business – and you are willing and ready to ‘work’ for it. I may have just the solution for you…

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know by now that without the right mind-set (an open and critical mind) anything (everything) you try will only have very limited success. No matter how hard you work at it.

man learning marketing

Ask any really successful entrepreneur and they will all tell you the same. They had to learn many of the skills and techniques of marketing. They worked all hours and did not give up… But, it wasn’t until they finally figured out the real ‘secret’… Having the right mindset, that they actually gained real success.

Knowing who you really are, what you actually are, and why you’re here, on Earth, at this time, will help you immeasurably getting into the right mindset.

With this knowledge – and then with the right training, you really cannot fail, in anything you do. You CAN create an Online success business, that WILL be successful. Because you will learn how to manifest any future you want.

figure with lots of money from online success

I promise NO ONE will help you more than me

to ENSURE your online business success becomes a reality for you.

Why will no one help you more?

Well, here’s the thing. I am currently in the process of manifesting my definition of personal success. Which is to help to raise the personal vibrations of as many people as possible. Having sufficiently high vibrations cannot fail to bring success.

In this way I can pursue my ultimate and lofty success goal, Which is to contribute towards changing the world for the better.

We all know – most people do by now, anyway. That the recent panic and crisis throughout the world was created and exaggerated deliberately! To cause conditions where the biggest and richest corporations in the world could get even richer. At the expense of everyone else on Earth.

corporate logos

Ordinary businesses cannot compete with the corporations now.

Such are the current distortions in the world economy. Virtually the only way now to be in business is working on the Internet.

The Internet can open the doors to almost any one to begin an Online success business. However, it is not easy. The Internet now, more than ever, has become a mine-field of scams and scammers, competing for whatever money is available.

One has to be very careful when researching business opportunities. Or finding people to follow to guide them to success. Whatever you do, try to find out a person’s or business’s motivation for recruiting you. Mostly (invariably) you will find it is all about maximising PROFIT for business owner or developer. Rather than a genuine desire to want to help their fellow man.

people working together

I promise you I am different.

I measure my own success, by how much success I can help others to achieve. This is the way I want to live my life. In all honesty I am not interested in collecting valuable possessions. I do not believe in social status. Everyone on Earth is equal, in my eyes. Money in itself is NOT a measure of success. It is how you earn it and what you do with it.

Of course there is nothing wrong with making your own life as comfortable and financially secure as possible. However, if you can help other people to do the same, at the same time. Life becomes much more fulfilling.

the easiest way to earn an income online book

As I say… I can, and I will help you to run an Online success business. However, it will be easier for you – if you first have the right mindset for success first.



Download a copy of my new powerful book today (for FREE) and begin your journey with me to an Online success business.

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  1. benjaminlee says:

    How we go about defining success is key as we journey in this life.

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    Great post! Really insightful knowledge about moving towards success and changing your mindset first.

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    Awesome stuff. I look forward to the next installment.

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