What is YOUR Definition of Success?

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What is YOUR Definition of Success?

And How Can You Finally Achieve it?

If I told you I could help you to achieve personal success – a high degree of personal success, in anything you want, what would you consider as personal success?

A faster car? (higher status)?
A bigger/better house (mansion)?
Buy anything you desire? (holidays, clothes, Jewellery)
Financial ‘freedom’? (more time for yourself and family)
Own a thriving business (provide employment for other people)
Lose weight? (have a better/fitter body)?
Be a better golfer (or any sport)?
Start a loving relationship (maybe marriage)?
Gain more respect (prove others have been wrong about you)?
Become famous (achieve celebrity status)?
Be the best in what you do (take your talent to the highest level)?
Inspire others to achieve success(be a top coach in a particular field)?
Improve the lives of other people (become a philanthropist)?

Now, what will it take to achieve any (all) of these laudable and worthwhile personal success goals?

Of course the answer is – MONEY!

Such is ‘life’ on Earth at the present time, that we have to earn, beg, borrow, or steal enough bits of paper – or computer digits (we call it money) to exchange to make all these personal success goals possible.

So, of course, the next question would be; how DO I get enough of these bits of paper, or computer digits, to be successful?

For many people nowadays – enter the… Internet! The ‘quick and easy’ solution to pile up the digits.

Ah, but is it? For a few totally committed people it is a solution (although
NOT an ‘easy’ one). But, for most of us, all the Internet does is take personal
success even further away. Most of us lose far more of the digits in our
accounts than we gain, chasing the Internet dream.

So, what’s the answer?

Give up on the Internet dream – and just stick to your day job and make the best of it that you can.

This is genuine and sound advice for the majority of people, who are dreamers, rather than doers.
These are the people who quickly reduce their ideas about success and change their success criteria to…

Getting through each day as best I can
At least I have a roof over my head
Putting up with their ill health and stress
Getting used to being overweight
What do I need more time for?
I’m not a bad golfer really, who needs a coach?
Who needs a fast car anyway?
Who cares about what people think of me?
Who wants to be a celerity anyway?
Let others inspire themselves
I come first before other people

…and so on…


IF you are really determined to achieve your desired personal success and you are willing and ready to ‘work’ for it – listen up for a few moments I may have just the solution for you…

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know by now that without the right mind-set (an open and critical mind) anything (everything) you try will only have very limited success – no matter how hard you work at it.

Ask any really successful entrepreneur and they will all tell you the same. They learned many of the skills and techniques of marketing, and they worked all hours and did not give up…but, it wasn’t until they finally figured out the real secret – having the right mindset for personal success, that they actually gained personal success.

Knowing who you really are, what you actually are, and why you’re here, on Earth, at this time, will help you immeasurably getting into the right mindset.

With this knowledge – and then with the right training, you really cannot fail – in anything you do. Because you will be able to manifest any future you want.

Don’t miss my next blog post…because I promise NO ONE will help you more than me to ENSURE your definition of personal success becomes a reality for you.

Why will no one help you more?

Well, here’s the thing – I am currently in the process of manifesting my definition of personal success – which is to help (in anyway I can) to raise the personal vibrations of as many people as possible…towards putting an end to the ruling Elite’s power over us all.

And you, by being here (if you become open-minded and receptive) are actually already a part of my future personal success.

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  1. benjaminlee says:

    How we go about defining success is key as we journey in this life.

  2. Ethan says:

    Great post! Really insightful knowledge about moving towards success and changing your mindset first.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Awesome stuff. I look forward to the next installment.

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