Debt Free – My Approach to Making Money

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Debt Free – My Approach to Making Money

Being debt free will improve virtually every other aspect of your life.

My approach to becoming debt free is to return as much value for the money I receive, as I can. For example; I could not buy a template-based $29.00 video software that anyone can use. Then try to sell the 30 second videos I make to business people for $700 or more? As the sellers of the software suggest. I do not believe this is offering exceptional value for money. Rather, I think it is conning people, exploiting them.

become debt free

If you could, with no conscience – you have the right ‘me-first’ mindset to become rich.

However, if I could offer to help you in a potentially lucrative Online business to get started. And pay my initial profits towards ensuring you get some success. Then as your earnings increase, mine will to. This would be a win, win situation for us both.

Then to increase your earnings even further you would do the same for other people, and so on.

Genuinely – a give-to get situation, (the Universal Law) rather than relying on conning people. Or taking advantage of them just for your own sake!

Money drives EVERYTHING.

There can be little doubt in any one’s mind that the greatest challenge anyone faces in our current 3D world is money. Without it one simply cannot exist. This has been deliberately designed to happen.  We have to spend most of our precious time at work – or training for work (education). And then have little time left to follow and indulge our passions. The things we should be spending most of our time doing for a fulfilled life..

Consumerism/advertising, is nothing more than an induced distraction. To take our attention away from the things that really matter in our world. To stop us thinking too much about how much control we really are under. And how we are treated (like mindless sheep) by our so-called ‘governments’. Owning the latest phone, or car, or fashion accessory, or household gadget, is seen as compensation for our lives of drudgery.

If you earned some extra money and avoided paying immoral (and not legal) ‘income tax’ on it, it would not only help towards becoming debt free. It would also be a way of striking back against the control system. Which would ultimately lead to freedom from enforced 9 to 5 job ‘slavery’.

Mindset leads to financial success.

It is all well and good me just telling you that all success begins in the mind. Telling you the truth about reality. But I will have failed in my own personal success goal if you don’t get any success yourself. click here to  find details about a particular income opportunity that will work. Honest people have created it and it involves helping others to gain financial success. Which, of course leads to your own success.

woman thinking

Trust is a commodity that nowadays is in short supply. This is not surprising given all the obvious corruption in every facet of human life. The continual lies of mainstream media indoctrination. TV, fake news, propaganda and advertising. The endless scams, scammers and swindlers, and opportunist liars, on the Internet, have all contributed to this state of affairs.

It has got to the stage where there is no longer any reason to give your trust to someone else. Particularly on the Internet – and this really is a shame. Trustworthy people in the world still exist. People not simply motivated by profit above all else. There are also opportunities for making money Online – which are genuine!

I will grant you that these honest and genuine people and their business opportunities, are hard to find among all the cheats and low-life fraudsters Online. So when one does actually come across such rare people, it is all too easy to paint them with the same brush as everyone else – and miss out on what could be a life-changing opportunity to be involved in an authentic and bonafide business, due to self-protection scepticism.

Can I help you to become debt free? 

You have no reason to trust me. Of course I know myself that I am worthy of anyone’s trust. I value my integrity above everything else in my life, but you don’t know me…yet. However, if you find yourself resonating with anything I have written about here, it would suggest that our personal energies are in alignment. We have ‘potentials’ that, explored together, are more likely to end in financial success than not.

figures helping each other to be debt free

I hope that you do take, at least, some time to find out more about me and my philosophy of life. And my approach to gaining the most from it. There is nothing more certain than you were ‘destined’ by synchronicity to find me and read this article. Perhaps by working together we can gain financial well being. Time freedom and live the life we both deserve. The life that is our hundred percent birthright!

I can help you. First, to lose any self-doubt you may have and to raise your own personal vibrations – to a point where you become highly confident in yourself. Then, second, to invite you to join me in an Online business where my own success depends on how successful you are. Because the more you earn, the more I then earn. It pays me to ensure you get all the financial success you desire.

The easiest way to get out of debt.

The program I am talking about here does not require any initial investment. It is completely risk free and is a genuine opportunity, created by people of high integrity. With the highest reward-to-effort ratio of any program on the whole Internet. Meaning that the financial rewards potential for just minimal effort is huge and unlimited.

This program does have the power to enable you to financially achieve all your dreams. The best thing is, it pays me to do most of the ‘minimal’ work for you. Then, you will do the same for others yourself to maximise your success. In this way you can (will) financially achieve your dreams. Your success goals

However, please understand that you will ONLY achieve your dreams if you become more than just a dreamer!

I can assure you become debt free and gain financial success.

IF you really want it…!


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  1. Virginia says:

    I appreciate your attitude. I could feel myself relax as I read two of your posts. Thanks for following me on my Soulgoals Blog, too!

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