Financial Freedom – How to Ensure it.

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Financial Freedom – How to Ensure it.

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What is The Best Way to Assure Your Financial Freedom?

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Why is it that some people find it easy to acquire money? Everything they try seems to work without a hitch. Whereas others, no matter how hard they try, seem to always lose out. I am one of the latter, and this inequality was always perplexing to me. Many successful people have no idea about mindset and true reality, and how to manifest things in their lives. Yet they still achieve a high level of financial freedom, despite this lack of understanding.

This has to do with their current ‘life’ and the experiences they need to acquire to progress on to their next life. Some people call this destiny or fate. Whereas others pooh-pooh this idea and put it down to simple luck.

‘Ah, he’s always been lucky with money’…etc. Well, there is no such thing as ‘luck’. Luck is a word with a delusive meaning.

Luck will not lead to any kind of success

It is a way of explaining things, without a true understanding of them. Everything that happens in life is meant to happen. Of course every event that happens is shaped by a person’s actions, reactions – or non-actions. In response to previous events or circumstances.

Often intuition plays a big part in this, if it is a positive reaction. Other times it is fear that influences a negative reaction to a situation. In other words, it is the mindset of a person, that ultimately leads to the different outcomes that are possible from the same situation.

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You do not need to know anything about true reality for this to happen. This is simply what ‘life’ is for. You get to experience different situations and circumstances. Then you react to them with whatever your current mindset dictates. Most of the time this is takes place subconsciously, and people regard the outcomes as luck, or fate…

‘Some people are just born to be wealthy’

Yes, they are. But it is not luck. It is their destiny. Or how the person reacts to given experiences put their way.

This is why ‘The Secret’ – the Law of Attraction’ works. As well as just subconsciously reacting to situations. You can train yourself, via your mindset, to react in certain ways. That ensure the outcomes of a situation are favourable to you. There are many, many life-coaches and self-development ‘gurus’ who contrive vastly convoluted and complex explanations for this basic ‘fact-of-life’.

In essence your success or failure, in anything, all boils down to how you react to the experiences created (provided for you) in your life.

The idea that ‘it’s already happened, so just accept it’ – alludes to the phenomenon we call time. ‘Time’ as we know it, is simply a construct invented by man. A way for measuring the passing of an infinite and variable process. Time is not linear as we have been made to believe. Time is simply a perception and changes depending on circumstances.

Without a clock time becomes highly variable.

For example; waiting for a bus to come time is drawn out. However, when enjoying yourself at a party, time shrinks. A professional tennis player has ‘time’ to see, prepare and react, to a tennis ball coming at him(her) at 120 km-per-hour. A beginner would not even have ‘time’ to move, facing the same serve.

In metaphysical terms all time is simply ‘now’ (an instant). The ‘past’ is always experienced in the now. You are in the ‘now’ whenever you think about the past. The future is always planned for in the now (at that moment). What you do now will be the past – and in the same way, what you do now will lead to the future.

Does this actuality about time matter to us though in every-day life, as we currently live it? Not in general terms, no. But, it explains what some people believe. That the ‘future’ has already happened and we are simply waiting in the ‘now’ to experience it. And this postulation could have significant effect on how to get the best out of life.

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You can make your plans, and think about how things will be in the future as much as you want. However, no matter who you are, or how detailed your plans are – nothing ever goes exactly to plan. By planning and thinking you can effect what the future might be, but you cannot dictate it. Therefore you always need to concentrate on the now, rather than dwell on the past, or look too far to the future.

If this is the case, what about goal-setting (which is surely planning for the future)? Goal-setting is done in the now. Then it is simply a case of reacting to the situations and challenges that come your way…in the now.

Goal setting for financial freedom…

Goal-setting is not the same as dreaming. You can dream of financial freedom, and plan for, a perfect future all you want. But it will never become more than a dream. Unless you make it more than a dream…by setting goals. Then responding (in the right way) to whatever comes between you and those goals.

When you are goal-setting – for the most success, you obviously need to set your goals high. However, you also need to guard against failure – which, of course, is a counter-productive state. Is it, in fact, better to not try in something, than to go through the pain and anguish of failure in it? From a learning point of view – of course not. From an emotional point-of-view it is a different story though.

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So, the answer is to set your ultimate goals high, but the steps towards accomplishing them should be small and easily attainable. If your ultimate goal is to lose 30lb – the first step to take is cut out your sugar intake. Once you achieve success with that step. You move onto another. Give up all bread, for example. Then another and you will soon be on the way to attaining your greater goal.

It is the same if your goal is financial freedom…

Perhaps you want to retire from the stress of the rat-race early. You need to take small achievable steps in your ‘journey’ to accumulating sufficient money to do it.

If you set yourself the goal to become a $millionaire you will face a totally different set of challenges… Than if your immediate goal is to earn enough to reduce your debts first. After you have achieved that, your next goal could be to earn enough to afford a holiday…And so on.

Success breeds more success…

Once you have been successful at something. Even if only moderately successful at it. It becomes far easier to gain future successes.

Whatever you do in life reflects back at you in one way or another.

If a person is mean-spirited, greedy and selfish, for example – those low dense frequencies go out into the world. Eventually (not always immediately) they attract certain low vibration responses back. In the way of challenges and problems that are relative to that person’s mindset (attitude). They are also likely to attract people with similar traits into their lives’

On the other hand, a person who is generous and kind-hearted and emphatic will give out those higher vibrations. And will (again eventually) receive higher vibration responses back. Perhaps they will attract other kind-hearted people with similar attitudes into their lives (as I did). Or maybe the vibrations reflect back circumstances making them feel better… More content, more healthy, in a better state of mind… etc.

figures helping each other to financial freedom

This is ‘The Universal Law’ at work. What you give – you get back, in one way or another. To achieve a high level of financial well being requires a high vibration orientation. 

The ‘law of Attraction’

It is certainly not just a case though, of simply giving other people money, or kindness – and then you get money and kindness back. Also, it is not thinking (however positively) about something and then attracting the same thing back. This is just a 3D concept, that has become popular, essentially to sell books and articles pertaining to ‘The Secret’ and the to ‘Law of Attraction’.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ simply will not work if it is only used as a means to an end. No matter what you might be led to believe, by people peddling wonderful sounding theories and stories about a ‘magical’ ‘Secret’. – Or whatever, that attracts anything you want. Remember all thoughts are energetic frequencies – and the frequencies of these thoughts are wholly dependent on how genuine and sincere they are.

A contrived thought expressly conceived to attract a certain outcome has a different frequency from a spontaneous and unfeigned one. Then this vibration reflects back at you. Leading to experiences that  create situations resulting in genuine solutions. Or alternately simply reflecting experiences that keep hopes alive, but do not actually lead to solutions.

Helping other people is the easiest way of gaining financial freedom IF it is done with genuine high vibration energies. This attitude also brings other rewards. In terms of how it makes you feel.

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You will attract high vibration energies back – which are empowering and have a positive effect on your state of mind and well-being. Particularly your financial freedom. Then leads to how you (positively) approach the situations that come to you…Which is then more likely to result in getting positive and beneficial results.

And personal success

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