My Approach to Earning Money Online

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My Approach to Earning Money Online

My approach to earning money is to return as much value for the money I receive, as I can.

For example; would I buy a template-based $27.00 video-making software, that anyone can use – and then try to sell the 30 second videos I make to business people for $700 or more?

No, I couldn’t do it. If you could, with no conscience – you have the right ‘me-first’ mindset to become rich.

However, if I could offer to help you get started in a potentially lucrative Online business and pay my initial profits towards ensuring you get some success, then as your earnings increase, mine will to.

This would be a win, win situation for us both. Then to increase your earnings even further you would do the same for other people – and so on.

Genuinely – a give…to get situation, (Universal Law) rather than relying on conning people, or taking advantage of them just for your own sake!

This is a great way to live life!

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  1. Virginia says:

    I appreciate your attitude. I could feel myself relax as I read two of your posts. Thanks for following me on my Soulgoals Blog, too!

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