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Online Income? Follow me…

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Who IS the Best Person to Follow to Achieve an Online Income?

I see all the time, when I’m on the Internet, the ‘Make Money’ Gurus telling everyone to follow them and their methods to create an Online income. Because they are already financially successful.

I guess that if someone has made a lot of money, they should be able to show other people how they did it. Often the problem is these people made their money by telling other people how to make money.

And, of course this is not always a good recipe for success. It takes certain attributes to sell things to other people. And not everyone has these attributes.

It is well known that fewer than 2% of the people who buy ‘make-money-online courses and products. Actually make any money by implementing the ideas and schemes. 

I, for one, do not have the necessary attributes to sell these kinds of how-to-do ‘affiliate marketing’ programs. I could not all in conscience, sell any product knowing that it would benefit only a very few of the people who buy it.

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Do not make money at other people’s loss.

That is making money at other people’s loss. That is not for me. I am not suggesting that the people who do sell these products are doing anything shady or illegal, or even immoral. I’m just making a point that many people cannot do it. Me among them.

So, my Online income comes from programs set up where the more you help other people to get success. The more success you get yourself.

To me this is a total win-win situation. I am not simply selling or promoting something that only I will benefit from doing.

Many people think a $millionaire (someone who has already done it) is the best person to learn how to become rich from.

This however, is not necessarily true.

Becoming a $millionaire takes a certain mindset. Which is primarily one of ‘me first’!

There are few self-made $millionaires who got wealthy without conscious effort to ensure their own needs came first.

I would suggest most $millionaires, even if they are really genuine about helping others, are first and foremost profit motivated in everything they do.

I have no desire to be a $millionaire.

Personally I have no desire (at all) in becoming a millionaire. I have struggled for, at least 15 years, trying. And failing to make money Online. Now I make enough to support the simple life I have chosen. Anything above this, I give away to other dis-advantaged people.

If your personal success goal is to become a $millionaire. I can still ensure you achieve it. By introducing you to some very rich people who can teach you all you need to know to become seriously wealthy.

figures working together to make an online income

However, I would sincerely ask you to seriously analyse your reasons for wanting this.

To want to become a $millionaire just for the sake of achieving it, will require a totally different mindset and approach, to wanting to be rich to enable you to enjoy a higher level of financial well-being it could bring.

Working TOGETHER in a COMMON Interest GOAL

is the best way to achieve a significant Online income. By working with someone else. Or with other people, you have the added motivation of not wanting to let other people down. You have a responsibility to be a part of a team that is aiming for financial success – for everyone’s benefit. 

Of course, you can be successful earning an income Online by going it alone and there are many ways to do it. Most of them involve selling stuff – if you have the right ‘me-first’ attitude and self-confident ego for doing this. It takes a certain mindset to convince yourself that you are ‘helping’ others by selling them stuff.

Personally, most of the stuff I have bought online benefited the sellers far more than it benefited me.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer to earn my money, by helping others to make money. Not by selling affiliate products I have no investment in (in terms of knowledge, passion, or effort). Most advice from make money online ‘experts’ runs along the lines of… Find any old product you can make a profit with and try to sell it to people… In other words your personal profit is key. BEFORE any genuine desire to provide value, or actually help people.

So, who is the best person to follow to achieve on Online income?

This, of course, depends on how you want to make your money. It also depends on what your financial aspirations are. You also have to resonate with the person, to respond to them effectively – successfully.

figure earning an online income

If you find yourself resonating with anything (everything?) I am writing here, perhaps I am the person you might want to follow. If you do I will ensure you are successful in earning an income Online – potentially a HUGE income. I am a part of a team in one of the highest reward-to-effort ratio businesses on the entire Internet.

This means there will be some (very easy) work to do, to maximise your earnings…But, as part of my team – it also means, that it is in my own interests to make sure this work is done. Even to the point of doing it for you myself!

This is because the program is set up in a way that I will earn (as a bonus) the same amount as you earn. So, in effect by working for you I am also working for myself. Once you have achieved some success – earned some money. You will be motivated to want more success.

So you will then want to help other people in the same way as I help you. This is how the program grows, and how all our income expand exponentially…

I would suggest it is not just blind luck that led you to finding this page. It is synchronicity…Your destiny. This could be your BIG chance to achieve a huge Online income and change your life’s path. And by doing this you will also have a positive effect on the lives of other people.

It is now up to you, to decide what to do! Follow me, or not – is the decision you’ve got to make…


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  1. benjaminlee says:

    Great thoughts. Agreed there are so many different things out there people are selling. It’s wise to be careful what we follow.

  2. Wisdom right there. Great read. … and thanks for the recent follow! ?

  3. Who IS the Best Personal to Follow to Achieve Financial Well Being?
    are just great and very helpful.
    I found a video that help me a lot and i share it with you:
    See you soon! 🙂 Many Kisses!

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