This is what Financial Well Being and Freedom is all about…

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This is what Financial Well Being and Freedom is all about…

Unfortunately our lives – the lives of virtually everyone in the world, have been hi-jacked by a minority of less-than-human Beings, who have gained the power to take control of practically every facet of our life.

This power has been created by their dominance of money, which has afforded them the opportunities to manipulate laws and governments, and exert social influences, and create endless distortions of the truth, to eventually enslave us to their will.

Whatever your viewpoint of life is – this fact is unarguable. Please do not be intellectually naïve to try to counter this, before you do sufficient research to make an informed dispute.

Regardless of the underlying reasons – it is inescapable that money is simply a necessity for life in our world as it currently is. So, you have to ‘earn’ or gain some, somehow. The more of it you have, the higher your Financial Well Being (in basic terms) will be.

However, if you are having to make too many sacrifices, in terms of your time spent, or the stress you are under, getting it, no amount of ‘comfort’ will compensate for this.

Your health will suffer, your relationships will suffer and your ‘true’ life (the experiences you should be having) will simply pass you by.

This is what Financial Well Being and Freedom is all about. Earning, gaining, attracting, enough money into your life without having to spend two-thirds of your life, or literally killing yourself, doing it.

If you do enjoy your job, your career, your vocation – happy days, this is a blessing for you. Your destiny has created this opportunity for you, in terms of providing the right situations and circumstances, that you responded to the right way. You are probably already following your passion.

However, remember there are also other experiences that you need – to get the most out of your life. And only time freedom (financial freedom) will allow for these.

If you don’t enjoy your job and do it just for the money – to make-ends-meet, as they say, you are simply a ‘slave’ to the contrived (and thoroughly corrupt) income system.

And what’s more you are paying (income tax) for the privilege of being a slave.

Not a great situation to be in I would say! You are not living you are simply surviving – perhaps with a few distractions thrown in to make survival…survivable!

This is NOT the way life was MEANT to be!

Change your mindset about your life – and you WILL change your Financial Well Being…

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    Excellent thoughts.

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