Who IS the Best Personal to Follow to Achieve Financial Well Being?

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Who IS the Best Personal to Follow to Achieve Financial Well Being?

I see all the time, when I’m on the Internet, the ‘Make Money’ Gurus telling everyone to follow them and their methods, because they are already financially successful.

I guess that if someone has made a lot of money, they should be able to show other people how they did it. But, the problem often is that these people made their money by telling other people how to make money.

And, of course this is not always a good recipe for success. It takes certain attributes to sell things to other people, and not everyone has these attributes.

It is well known that fewer than 2% of the people who buy ‘make-money-online courses and products, actually make any money by implementing the ideas and schemes that have been sold to them.

I, for one, do not have the necessary attributes to sell these kinds of how-to-do ‘affiliate marketing’ programs. I could not all in conscience, sell any product knowing that it would benefit only a very few of the people who buy it.

That is making money at other people’s expense – and that’s not for me. I am not suggesting that the people who do sell these products are doing anything shady or illegal, or even immoral – I’m just making a point that many people cannot do it. Me among them.

So, the money I make Online comes from programs that have been set up where the more you help other people to get success the more success you get yourself.

To me this is a total win-win situation. I am not simply selling or promoting something that only I will benefit from doing.

It is often said that a $millionaire (someone who has already done it) – is the best person to learn how to become rich from.

This however, is not necessarily true.

Becoming a $millionaire takes a certain mindset – which is primarily one of ‘me first’!

There are few self-made $millionaires who got wealthy without conscious effort to ensure their own needs came first.

And I would suggest most $millionaires, even if they are really genuine about helping others, are first and foremost profit motivated in everything they do.

I have no desire (at all) in becoming a millionaire. I have struggled for, at least 15 years, trying – and failing to make money Online. Now I make enough to support the simple life I have chosen – and anything above this, I give away to other dis-advantaged people.

If your personal success goal is to become a $millionaire – I can still ensure you achieve it – by introducing you to some very rich people who can teach you all you need to know to become seriously wealthy.

However, I would sincerely ask you to seriously analyse your reasons for wanting this.

To want to become a $millionaire just for the sake of achieving it, will require a totally different mindset and approach, to wanting to be rich to enable you to enjoy a higher level of Financial Well Being it could bring.

Working TOGETHER in a COMMON Interest GOAL – is the best way to achieve Financial Well Being


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  1. benjaminlee says:

    Great thoughts. Agreed there are so many different things out there people are selling. It’s wise to be careful what we follow.

  2. Wisdom right there. Great read. … and thanks for the recent follow! 😉

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